Review: Doodle Crate Craft Kit

“Mom, I really love making things that I can actually use! Making paintings that just hang up is boring.” This is my girl. Ever practical, yet always making something. She can spend hours with paper and markers to create a row of cut out trees on her bunk bed, yet the real delight comes when the crafting is practical!

Enter Doodle Crate. I signed up for this subscription through our charter school last January and every single month a box has arrived and has brought an afternoon of creativity to my craft consumer. She has sewn slippers, painted zippered pouches, and dyed paper with ink. This last month’s box was a soap making kit – and has probably been her favorite!


Each kit comes with everything that a kid would need to create a specific item with all the tools needed. Typically she has been able to follow all the directions and do the crafting by herself, but this one needed a little more mom-help. Which is a good thing. It meant I actually put my phone down and worked with her on something fun. We both need more of that positive interacting together!

After reading the directions, microwaving the little cubes of soap, and mixing in colors, soap molding was happening – and boy did she have fun with that. I love that her creativity could flow within the bounds of a well-thought-out craft that made it easy for both of us to work together. She was so proud of her finished soaps!


Doodle Crate is recommended for ages 9-16 for any kid (boy or girl) who is interested in art and creativity.


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